Food Fight

Creating opportunities to reduce or eliminate food waste in communities.

About Food Fight

Food Fight is a social enterprise working towards eliminating food waste that is produced from the food industry. In Canada, 58% of food produced is wasted, accounting for a $49 billion loss annually. When looking at the various services currently attempting to tackle this issue in both Canada and worldwide, we realized there was something missing in Canada. Although Canada seemed to be a clear competitor when it came to food sustainability, there was a lack of attention on what food businesses do with their leftovers, and just how much waste this is producing. On a daily basis, perfectly edible food is thrown out by restaurants simply because of company policies requiring food to not be sold past a certain time. With Food Fight, restaurants are able to advertise discounts on their food shortly prior to its end-of-life, to prevent that food from being wasted. Our goal is to reduce food waste, one order at a time.

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Jessica Malcolm, Luke Radowsky, Will Tse, Zachary Maclaren, Alexander Ojo

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Food Fight Incubation Business Team

The Food Fight team works to refine the incubation idea into actual strategies, build products and determine critical aspects of the business. In addition to this, the Food Fight team works with Enactus team members when required to help bring additional assistance in creating a new Enactus Laurier Enterprise.

Lucas Radowsky
Will Tse
Alex Ojo

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