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EarthSuds is a sustainable shower products company run by Laurier students. We’ve created the world’s first single-use dissolvable tablets of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to replace the 5.7B cosmetic plastic bottles sent to North American landfills every year. The tablets turn to liquid form when you apply water and pressure, and lather just like traditional products. However, their initial solid form means they can be kept in reusable, plastic-free shower cases. EarthSuds products are sold to hotels, retailers, and direct-to consumers via our online store.

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Job Description

The work readiness mentor has one of the most rewarding jobs on the team. They are responsible for changing lives and building confidence in the employees that are hired through the work readiness program. EarthSuds provides supportive employment to individuals who have developmental disabilities, giving an experience that values the employees for who they are while showing they have the capabilities to be independent and effective in their jobs. The work readiness mentor will work one-on-one with the employees to ensure that they have a smooth transition into the workplace while monitoring the decrease of their support as the employees gain independence and confidence in their roles. The work readiness mentor will also work as part of the Mighty Hawks Team by attending the weekly Mighty Hawks sessions and establishing strong connections with the participants.


  • Communication skills, must be able to clearly communicate with employees for their tasks as well as coordinate work readiness with the Mighty Hawks team
  • Must be able to have patience while employees learn and encourage progress
  • Ability to give constructive feedback; employees should be treated just as any other individual in that role and see the most improved abilities when they are given strict (but encouraging) feedback
  • Driven, dedicated, and adaptable: must be able to attend all employee shifts because it is consistency within the workplace that our employees benefit most from
  • Experience working with individuals with disabilities is an asset

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week

Number of positions available: 2

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