The co-VP of marketing will work closely with their co-VP and the rest of the EarthSuds VP team to make higher-level business decisions from a marketing standpoint. In addition, the co-VP of marketing will serve as a leader for the marketing department and work with specialists to facilitate the coordination of cross-channel marketing strategies. Tasks include training, assisting, and overseeing specialists’ work while working to create a positive, encouraging, and interactive team environment within the department. The co-VP of marketing is also primarily responsible for supervising the EarthSuds brand and ensuring our brand voice is precisely executed across every channel and department. 


Weekly Tasks

  • Create and oversee the execution of overall marketing strategy 
  • Direct digital ad campaigns 
  • Leading strategic partnerships & initiatives (including but not limited to working with other brands)
  • Oversee email messaging and campaigns 
  • Upkeep brand management and consistency 
  • Assist specialists with questions & review their work before publishing 
  • Continually scan the environment for new digital trends 
  • Budget allocation 
  • Review analytics & adjust strategy accordingly 


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Experience with multiple marketing channels such as Facebook, instagram, linkedin, instagram, etc. 
  • Experience with SEO/SEM, google ads and facebook ads 
  • Understanding of key digital marketing elements and overall strategy such as blog, social media, PR and reachout, branding, e-commerce
  • A genuine interest in digital marketing and actively keeping up with industry trends and changes
  • Team player that can provide strategic leadership 
  • Great interpersonal & communication skills 


Time commitment

15-20 hours/week


Number of Positions: 1

Due: Tuesday, September 28th at 11:59pm.

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