Solve Something Boldly.

The Enactus Laurier Social Incubator develops ideas into future Enactus Laurier enterprises through mentorship, resource allocation and team guidance. Our team works with you to tackle a specific social problem and transform it into a business opportunity that can grow and flourish.

Asking Questions = Better Solutions

Join our incubator, where Enactus team mentors and faculty advisors will help you ask the right questions to better understand the problem you want to solve, and work with you to test your hypothesis and build an enterprise that will create real impact.

Support For Non-Business Students

No matter what faculty you are in, we welcome you to our incubator to share to share your smart, innovative, and creative ideas focusing on social, environmental, or economic issues. Our curriculum has been developed to help guide you through all the steps of developing a social enterprise.

Our Incubator Phases

You can always join our incubator through our Enactathons which we run at periods throughout the year.
To learn more about current Enactus Laurier Enactathons, click here.

1. Innovation

Work with our team to develop your initial idea into a social enterprise. This is the stage where we work with you to conduct problem research, start on product development, and ensure you build a business model that is sustainable while making maximum social impact.

2. Incubation

Once you are at a point where your enterprise begins to generate revenue, we work with you to become incorporated and help move your business even further while leveraging Enactus resources. At this stage, your enterprise will be eligible to compete at the regional Enactus competitions.

3. Acceleration

When your product has gained traction in the market, we’ll help you build it into a business with even greater growth potential. Working closely with the full Enactus Laurier team to scale beyond the local community, your enterprise is now ready for the National competition.

See What We're Currently Working On

See what we are currently building and see what we are currently working on.

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