Solve Something Boldly.

The Enactus Laurier Social Incubator develops ideas into future Enactus Laurier enterprises through mentorship, resource allocation and team guidance. Our team works with you to tackle a specific social problem and transform it into a business opportunity that can grow and flourish.

What Is Incubation?

Short version: we give you resources and guidance to help refine your idea and make it a business.
Long version: that's for you to find out later...

Asking Questions = Better Solutions

Work with our incubation team, mentors and faculty to develop your idea in small groups, test your hypothesis and see where you can make improvements. This goes into all aspects of your idea from business viability to product development, branding or operational implementation.

Support For Non-Business Students

Our team knows that smart, innovative and creative students in programs beyond business have ideas to solve current social, environmental or economic issues. We've built incubation to help support your ideas and make sure you have the ability to make business decisions even while not pursuing a business degree.

Current Incubation Businesses

See what we are currently incubating and what projects we are working on to launch in the near future.

Getting Started With Incubation

1. Reach Out

Share your idea with our team. We will work with you to determine if there is an opportunity to proceed, ask questions and introduce you to what incubation is in more detail.

2. Q&A Session

If we think your idea has promise, we will reach out with more specific questions to help get a better understanding of where you'd like to focus your efforts, where your idea can have an impact or where you need help specifically.

3. Welcome Hatchling!
(Little Hawk)

We'll introduce you to incubation, get you set up with a mentor/incubation supporter and start helping you bring your idea through incubation into an Enactus Laurier enterprise.

You can also join incubation through our Enactathons which we run at periods throughout the year.
To learn more about current Enactus Laurier Enactathons, click here.

Ready? Connect With Incubation!

Have questions, have an idea, want to get involved (pretty much anything)...just let us know. By submitting this, you're not committing to incubation but just starting the conversation with our team. We won't pressure you into starting your idea into an incubation business but will try to help make sure you have the resources you need.

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