About Us

Our vision at Enactus Laurier is to act as a hub that creates a better, more sustainable society in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, one which inspires projects, innovation and change.

Stay Golden

Bring the Laurier Golden Hawk spirit to the work that we do on campus, locally, nationally and internationally in collaboration with our peers on other campuses.

Remain Grounded

Remain grounded to our mission, our team, mentors and advisors, competitors, and peers. Work with humility and gratitude. The work that we do within Enactus can change the lives of a small few or an entire community, we know that regardless of how small the impact, one person's life changed matters immensely.

Lead With Purpose

Put 100% into the work that we do and lead with pride and purpose. Our chapter of Enactus is made of highly passionate students and mentors who look to support each other within the club. It's a huge family that continues to grow.

Our Chapter Mission

We are all about making a difference. Not only in the surrounding communities from the amazing work our enterprises do, but also in the lives of all of the incredible individuals who comprise our team. By joining this community, Laurier students are provided with life-changing opportunities to go beyond the boundaries of the school to explore their own passions and to help make a difference. We are passionate about change through innovative ideas unlocked through our community to make the world a better place. All of this is possible with Enactus Laurier.


Our Executive Team

Our executive team leads Enactus Laurier's respective portfolios, enterprises and initiatives. Together, we collaborate throughout campus and the greater Kitchener-Waterloo community to help solve big problems we face locally and internationally.

Zander Smith


Charag Bagga


Cindy Xin

Clubs Manager

Sean Cornelius

Vice President of Marketing Communications

Priyanka Khandelwal

Vice President of Corporate

Alison Schouten

Vice President of Operations

Sarah McCormick

Vice President of Finance

Samantha Chai

Vice President of Research

Lauren Carroll

Vice President of Incubation

Grace Bilodeau

Vice President of Human Resources

Bojan Popovik

Vice President of Competitions

Vipneet Johar

Vice President of Technology

Our Team

Our team is made of corporate gurus, marketing creatives, human resource mavens and more. Together, our team supports the portfolios of Enactus to help spread our mission, grow our culture and expand our club in the Kitchener-Waterloo region on campus.

Sarah Novak
Director of Marketing
Kyra Feldman
Design & Multimedia Manager

Looking To Join Us?

Looking to join Enactus Laurier or one of our enterprises? Apply for a direct position or join our talent pool! We're always looking for talent.